15-Year-Old Influencer Looks Like a Doll after 100+ Surgeries

Most people wish to look better so they can be gorgeous or handsome in other people’s eyes! Though most would simply change their hairstyle, buy new clothes, or wear flattering accessories, others actually spend a lot of money to achieve their ideal look.

But what if you wanted to look like a doll or something quite impossible to attain? For these people, plastic or cosmetic surgery might be the only answer – and they don’t really mind paying a lot.

Take for example Xiao Z Na Na, a 15-year-old influencer known as Little Z Nana. At this young age, she has already undergone more than 100 cosmetic procedures to change her looks to that of a doll! Apparently, this young lady wants to look like a life-sized doll and has the money to pay for all these produres.

The numerous surgeries include one full-face bone reduction surgery, three surgeries on her mouth, six double-eyelid surgeries, five lateral canthoplasties (outer eye corner) procedures, two facial liposuctions, three body liposuctions, and two thigh liposuctions!

Those are just some of the cosmetic procedures she had undergone since she was 13 years old. Her recent revelation made a lot of netizens wonder just how she was able to go through all these, considering her young age.

Most netizens agree that her parents are in on this lifestyle, particularly because she is too young to undergo a cosmetic procedure without parents’ consent – and she had 100+ of them! Tsk. Tsk.

Aside from spending a fortune on these cosmetic surgeries, Little Z Nana also had to quit school because she was always in the process of undergoing the procedures or healing from them.

Though the Chinese girl now looks like a doll with her big round eyes, netizens expressed concern that this kind of lifestyle will continue in the future and would pose a problem for the young woman.

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