A Loving 84 Year-Old Husband Learns How To Do Makeup For His Wife

There is nothing sweeter than having to witness your husband do his best efforts to make things easier for you, even if it has been forever since you got together.

Nowadays, divorce is almost a go-to remedy for broken marriages and we could barely see a couple that lasts a lifetime. Some file a divorce because of indifference while some decide to stay married but unhappy.

Whatever the cause of misunderstanding between a couple, this teaches us two things; everything changes. Love may fade and not all relationships last.

However, this elderly couple tells us otherwise.

This elderly couple proves that love is a decision.

Mona and Des have been married for fifty-six years. Being together for such a long time, you would think that they would just do the usual boring things elderlies do on a routine. Nothing exciting!

But this very adorable couple will turn your point of view around. Why? They still act like newly-weds! In fact, they said that they still feel married up to this time. How lovely!

Like most women,  Mona loves to apply makeup even at her age. But due to her deteriorating eyesight, she can no longer apply makeup on her own.

Having witnessed his beloved wife struggle to make herself look pretty, Des had to find ways to learn to do her makeup so that Mona can still look and feel her best. There came a time when Des and Mone were supposed to attend a party so Mona decided to get her face made up.

According to Des, Mona’s left eye is very bad, that when Mona does her right’s eye makeup she can’t see anything. So Des will do a little correction for her. 

This is when they met Rosie O’Driscoll. A makeup artist in Waterford, Ireland. Des explains to her about her wife’s situation and offers to try doing her wife’s makeup on his own.

Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic came through Des and Mona’s Love Story and was touched by it. He then talked to his manager and told him that he wanted Des and Mona to be in his makeup masterclass in London.

Des was teary-eyed and says that there’s no way he wanted his wife Mona to be slapped up with stuff.

Mona then sweetly said, ‘He thinks I’m as lovely as I am’.

Watch the touching story here:

My 84-year-old husband now does my make-up

He learned to do make up for his wife and now I'm crying ?❤️(via BBC Family & Education News)

Posted by BBC The Social on Wednesday, 6 June 2018

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