A Smart Little Toddler Who Was Left Inside the Car Unlocks the Door For His Dad

What happens when you left your key with a built-in lock mechanism inside your car together with your tiny tot?

This was the dilemma of a father who went out of his car and found out that he was locked from the outside! His only way in was to ask his son’s help to unlock the door using the remote.

The Kid To The Rescue

Watching how the kid tried to unlock the side door of the car for his dad was so heartwarming. He attempted to unlock it using the key. When he couldn’t fit it in, he tried again and again.

What’s Next, Dad?

The father and his companion were shown in the video telling the kid to use the built-in remote that will open the door. It was so cute seeing the tiny tot looking intently when they demonstrated how he should use the gadget in his hand.

Press The Button, Please.

Finally, he got the instruction and looked for the buttons on the other side. He pressed the top button but nothing happened. The kid looked at them again for additional instruction. He found the right button, but as he was trying to press it, he almost bumped himself on the side. Yet, he was determined to let dad in, so he tried again. This time, it was a success.

Good Job Lil’ Man!

This viral video of this smart kid garnered more than 1.8 million views when one spectator of the scene posted it on Facebook. It generated 33,000 reactions, 17,000 shares, and over 1,300 comments. Some comments bashed the father for leaving the child inside the car alone.

Others were delighted with the child’s natural ingenuity and cleverness. And many shared their own stories of how their children did the same thing.

Full Video:


This endearing story is just one of the cutest videos you can come across displaying how smart the little kids are. They are not just your life’s treasures, but also little heroes.

Source: Facebook

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