Adorable Grandma Sits in for Student’s Online Class

Most old people are not so fond of technology. They would rather do things the traditional way, even if the classic route is more difficult and takes a much longer time than the modern one.

That is why a lot of people find it cute when old people actually enjoy technology and become adept with gadgets and stuff.

Recently, Nanay Rufina Castillo went viral as she sits in for her grandson’s online classes. The photo actually piqued netizens’ interest because the old woman appears to be enjoying her grandson’s online classes while he’s on toilet break. Cute.

Ohne Miguel Yumang is a student at Nova Schola Tanauan in Tanauan, Batangas, Philippines. The school is doing online classes to keep the students and teachers as well as their respective families safe from the virus.

While they were having their Cookery Class, one of his major subjects, the student had to use the toilet but was worried that his teacher might announce something important that he might miss while he is out. So, he asked his grandmother to sit in for him, telling her to listen well so she could relay their teacher’s message.

Nanay Rufina, whom Ohne Miguel fondly calls as “Nanay P”, readily did so for her grandson. But after taking the toilet break, the student was surprised to see that his grandma appears to be enjoying the class! She is smiling as she listens to whatever it was that the teacher was telling their class.

Seeing how sweet his grandma looks as she attends his online class, Ohne Miguel snapped a photo that he shared on his Facebook account. The post would quickly go viral, with netizens praising the two. Netizens think that it is cute for Nanay Rufina to really enjoy her grandson’s class. Perhaps she’ll sit in for him more often, huh?

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