The Active (Biggest Yet) Amazon Fire August 2019 Facts & Effects

The Amazon rainforest, or what is also considered as the lungs of the Earth is now burning for three weeks.

Where are the billionaires and major media outlets who went to Notre Dame Cathedral’s rescue, not one day after it got burned?

Even celebrities are asking:

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Outdated photos

A few days ago an online outrage went about showing photos of the giant rainforest on fire, along with several photos of animals’ poor plight as their home engulfed in flame.

When Notre Dame was burning, the world's media covered every moment of it and billionaires rushed to restore it. Right…

Posted by Damon Gameau on Tuesday, 20 August 2019

However, fact checks about the photos prove that most were outdated and others were in fact taken decades ago.

Is it on fire?

According to a report by Express UK, fires are normal in the Amazon forest. In fact, since January 2019, more than 74,000 fires were detected via satellite.

This time, however, right now, NASA satellites were able to detect more than 2,500 fires that are active in the Amazon are now.

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Forest fires are fairly common in the Amazon dry seasons. This run from July to October.

They can be caused by naturally occurring events, such as by lightning strikes, but also by farmers and loggers clearing land for crops or grazing.

The effect

Since 2013, this year has the most recorded fires based on the study they recorded sand showed in the photo below.

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The effect of the fires now is widespread that nearby cities reported having dark skies in 3-4 in the afternoon.

The skies darkened over San Paulo, Brazil, for an hour Monday afternoon after a cold front caused winds to shift and carry smoke from about 1,700 miles away. 

Beyond the Shadows tweeted a photo of the blackout.

This is Sao Paulo today, 4PM. The cloud from the burning of Amazon rainforest in Rondonia, covered the city. Sao Paulo is 3300km (2052 miles) distant from Boa Vista. Athens is closer to London than Sao Paulo is to Boa Vista. Just to give you an idea of the damage.

The cloud from the burning of  Amazon rainforest in Rondonia

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