Apple Watch’s “Hard Fall” Detection Saves A Man After Falling While Biking

Facebook user Gabe Burdett posted a status reminding the public of the importance of the function “Hard Fall” in Apple Watches. This is after his dad got his life saved because of the tracker of the feature.

Supposed meeting

According to Gabe, he was supposed to meet his dad for some mountain biking in Riverside State Park (MTB in RSP), when he got a text from his dad’s Apple Watch that is letting him know that it “detected a Hard Fall” along with a map to his location.

Apple Watch's "Hard Fall"

The location was not far from where they were supposed to meet. He immediately drove there but he got another alert that the location of his dad changed along with a map of the hospital.

Apple Watch's "Hard Fall"  2


It turned out that the watch also called 911 to alert them of Gabe’s dad’s accident.

They were able to retrieve the dad with the help of the map that the Hard Fall app sent them.

Apple Watch's "Hard Fall"  3

The senior Burdett flipped his bike at the bottom of Doomsday, hit his head and got knocked out.

He was unconscious even on the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Gabe’s brother got to the hospital first because he was near it when the emergency contacts received the second alert.

Apple Watch's "Hard Fall"  4

Safety precaution

Gabe also reminded all those who have Apple Watches to turn on the function Hard Fall.

The emergency personnel was able to retrieve and save the dad’s life in less than 1/2 of an hour.

It’s not just for when you fall off the roof or the ladder. It’s for emergencies like these.

Had the dad fallen off on a more remote trail, the EMTs will still be able to get to him because of the alert and map the app sends when it detects a fall.

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