This Barber Creates Jaw-Dropping Art On Horses

Art comes in all shapes and sizes. The beauty and uniqueness of forms of art that artists come up with today are so incredible that you’ll be surprised how they are not confined on paper and 2D mediums. One man even decided to create art on horses!

Beautiful art on horses

art on horses (black)

Rob Ferrel is not your ordinary barber. In fact, aside from being a barber, he is a wonderful artist who is able to make art out of anything. His latest art hobby now is his new sets of the customer base – horses.

Rob is able to add more flair to the statures of horses with his added art on their body. Tribal, abstract, Mandala, and even a Versace badge can be seen on the horses he has made art on.

Passion and hobby

Rob Ferrel is originally based in Los Angeles who moved to San Antonio Texas, he admittedly has a serious interest in art in general. He originally aspired to be an accomplished artist when he moved, but soon, his career veered him in the career of hairstyling.

Because he has experience in drawing, he made sure he used that in creating art in the heads of his customers. This amazing and original haircuts range from geometric shapes, logos, portrait of start. Indeed, Rob has pushed the boundaries of hair design, and truly enough, he is now known as @robtheoriginal in Instagram where he showcases his art.

Pushing boundaries

Speaking of pushing boundaries, Rob did not stop there. The also does portraits with salt, oregano or with folded clothes. Regarding his hair-styling achievements, Rob has made portraits of Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Princess Leia or Drake.

On the side of art history, he managed to reproduce Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, a portrait of Salvador Dali or a version of the painting “The Last Supper”.

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