Basin Vendor Shows How To Market Your Product “Like A Boss”

Being a vendor is hard especially if you struggle to prove to your customers that your product is worth buying. Without proper and successful marketing, people might not even know that your products exist. This man who is reportedly from Brazil showed onlookers how it is to market like a boss.

Firsthand proof

A video posted by a Facebook user named Armelito Quizon quickly went viral and made rounds on social media.

In the video, a man selling basins for a living is seen and how he has mastered the art of marketing.

At first, you would think that the man was merely angry and throwing basins around.

But as the video progressed, you will see how the man was showing the onlookers what kind of quality they can expect from his basins.

Juggling and all

The man is seen throwing 3 basins with different sizes as high as he can, he won’t make an effort to catch them so that people can see how strong and durable the quality is.

Aside from that, he stood on one of the smaller ones as he proceeded and hit the bigger on full force on the road.

After all these, the three basins that he was using is still in good shape without cracks or without completely getting crushed.

Best marketing

The comments from netizens show how amazed they were at the marketing skills of this man.

A lot of them expressed that they would love to buy all the man’s wares just so he can go home already.

Most of them are asking where the man is located so they can help and buy.

A lot of netizens also expressed their concerns that these basins should not be sold to mothers, as they might hit their children with it.


Posted by Armelito Quizon on Saturday, 31 August 2019

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