Blind Bride was able to “See” and re-Live Her Wedding Day through her Photographer’s magical gift

A woman who lost her dream to have a fairytale wedding when she went blind was given a very special wedding gift from her photographer – one that she could actually “see”.

Just like a lot of little girls, the beautiful bride Steph always dreamed of a very nice wedding. But shortly before she met her groom, she lost her eyesight.

She is suffering from a medical condition called cone-rod dystrophy. This condition affects the light-sensitive-cells of the retina that are called cones and rods. This is a genetic condition that leads to blindness.

When she became blind, she gave up on her dream to have a fairy-tale wedding because she didn’t “see” the point if she won’t be able to see it anyway.

James Day Photography

“It was since Steph was a little girl, she wanted her fairytale wedding. And we were so sad when she said she didn’t think she could do it.” said her mom, Linda

Good thing Steph’s groom is a very wonderful man. He made sure that Steph will get the fairytale wedding that she would have planned if she was still able to see. With the help of their families and friends, they made it come true.

But there was one more problem, she still will not be able to see no matter how beautiful the wedding is. Should they still hire a photographer? This is when they decided to hire James Day, and this proved to be the best decision they made for the wedding.

The photographer took this as one of the biggest challenges in his career, but not one that he’ll run away from. With the help of his team and friends, he created something very special for Steph to “see” her wedding album.

James Day Photography

They chose what photos to include in the album and then it was put though a special printer that hears up the image and embosses the printed part. Fabrics and beads were added to the photos that truly made the book magical.

James Day Photography

Along with that, audio snippets and small bottles of scents from the wedding day were also added to let the bride fully re-live the moment.

“Unbelievable… You guys all have gone through so much trouble to make sure that this has been such an inclusive wedding. And this means so much.” exclaimed Steph.

Watch the heartwarming video below and make sure you have a tissue ready.

Steph & Rob's Reveal.

How do you photograph a wedding where the bride has absolutely no eyesight?For 12 months I pondered this idea. What can I do that will help take them back to one of the most incredible moments of their life?I played through the day in my mind 1000 times. I thought of all the moments where I could potentially rob Steph of having a real moment because of a photo needing to be taken.I stripped back what I did to the core. I reminded myself that ultimately, it's my job to remind people of the love that exists in their life, sometimes that happens by handing someone a photograph and sometimes it happens in another way entirely.I spoke to my friend Jesh from Superfeel who’s help I enlisted to refine the idea I had. Superfeel’s purpose is about helping people experience more joy. You should check them out. I could go on, but this short video explains what we did for her better than any of my words ever could.A massive thank you to Lemon Tree Film House for documenting the entire process, Vision Art – Fine Art Books for creating something incredibly unique and to Vision Australia for helping me turn my images into something that Steph could enjoy.Thank you to Sony Australia for having my back. Your support made this all possible. Most importantly, thank you to Steph & Rob, for letting us tell your story. It's a story that the whole world needs to hear.I asked Steph on her wedding day, "Steph, what's something that you wish Sighted people could learn from what you've seen since you can no longer see.Steph replied, "I wish sighted people could learn to be more appreciative for what they've got. I think so many people take things for granted, like sight for instance. Even though I don't have sight, I'm not breakable, I'm not made of glass and that you can overcome any adversity."

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