Little Boy Selling Balut Late-Night Goes Viral

Little Boy Selling Balut featured

A grade 7 boy student went viral on social media as he was seen selling balut in late-night despite the tiredness. It turned out that the money he earns is for his school expenses.

The young vendor

It was already late when the boy asked permission to Areane Reanoga Tabalan, concern netizen, to sit in one of their chairs.

The young vendor was already tired and sleepy. However, despite weariness, he refuses to go home as he was hoping that he could still sell more balut.

He even wishes that his goods to be sold out so he can go home early regardless if he still needs to wake up early for his 7 am class. 

Viral in an instant

Little Boy Selling Balut resting

Because of admiration to the boy, Tabalan decided to share the little vendor’s story on Facebook.

She posted it in the hope that someone with a good heart may notice the perseverance of the boy and help him.

As expected, it became viral in almost an instant.

“Guys, pasikatin natin ang batang to para matulungan, lumapit ang batang to samin para makiupo at magpahinga dahil antok na anktok na daw po siya…Nagtitinda siya ng balut para may pambaon sa school. Wala na daw po siyang nanay; ang tatay naman niya ay may sakit kaya nagsusumikap. Mamayang 7am pa daw ang pasok nya pero gabing gabi na naglalako pa sya ng balut. Grade 7 na daw po sya…Napakasipag ng batang ito at dapat nabibgyan ng pansin. paki share nalang po.” Tabalan’s caption in her post.

Diligence and a positive mindset

Little Boy Selling Balut  waiting

Netizens were awed for the diligence and positive mindset of the boy. Despite the struggle of staying late at night and waking up early, he still goes out every night to sell balut.

More people believe that this boy deserves a scholarship above all. 

A few days after its viral picture, a netizen identified the boy as Jerameel “Memeng” Dela Cruz.

The netizen was the kid’s neighbor in Paradise Malanday, Marikina City. Memeng is known even at their place for his diligence and determination to help his family.

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