Car Crash Survivors Recreate Their Crash Injuries To Spread Seat Belt Importance Awareness

For years, people are being reminded to buckle up and use of their seatbelts when driving.

However, despite all the reminders, there are still people who needlessly perish because of neglecting to do this one simple thing while driving.

Small measure

Taking this extra small measure before driving save a ton of people and New Zealand Transport Agency and Clemenger BBDO Wellington relied on the help of 10 of them.

It turned out that 90 people a year die in New Zealand for not wearing seat belts, and tragically, this number jumps up to 2,500 in the United States.

The study also found out that young men most likely are the common victims of this negligence. So they got the help of 10 men to show the importance of buckling up.

Badge of honor

Car crash survivors tell their stories of how their seat belts kept them alive.

Using their actual post-crash photographs, FX makeup team PROFX recreated their crash injuries.

They were then photographed by Our Production Team at their homes wearing their wounds like their badge of honor.

Their injuries may look gruesome to some, but the alternative would have been much worse.

Print ads of their photos are posted all over each men’s hometown and event centers.

With the hopes of spreading the word that seatbelts really do save lives.

Along with the photos, these men shared their stories and how they were saved.

To read more about their individual stories, head on to Belted Survivors website.

The hope is to reach as much men and women alike and make them realize how important buckling up is.

May they be spurred into action by seeing the photos and reading these survivors’ personal stories.

“You can’t argue with these stories. They’re real experiences, lived by real people,” shares Clemenger BBDO Wellington ECD Brigid Alkema. “We hope this truth will move our audience to wear their seatbelt.”

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