Chemist Makes Alcohol, Gives Free Bottles to Families with Babies or Old and Sick People

There are so many people who are taking advantage of COVID-19 to profit from alcohol, hand sanitizers, masks, and other essentials that many are forced to buy at much higher prices because there’s none sold in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Sadly, there are many alcohol supplies available from online sellers but these are being sold at prices several times higher!

That’s why a Pinay chemist has gone viral as she made alcohol at home and give away for free to those in need, prioritizing families with babies and old or sick people.

Photo credit: Meg Reyes-Sy / Facebook

Meg Reyes-Sy of Quezon City, Philippines, became a hero to many families who had a difficult time finding alcohol for their family members because others hoarded the supermarket supplies. In her post on Facebook, she shared that she some 70% alcohol she is willing to give away for free because she was heartbroken over how people can be so selfish.

I will be giving away FREE 70% ethyl alcohol to anyone who would be needing them. Why? Because I am honestly heartbroken as to how selfish other people could be. I’ve been seeing posts about those people WHO ACTUALLY NEED ALCOHOL and couldn’t by them anymore because it’s out-of-stock in groceries,” Meg wrote.

The post would quickly go viral, with many netizens praising her for the advocacy and commenting that they wish to receive a bottle of the alcohol. But though Meg wanted to help everyone, she could only offer 250ml refills to 100 people.

I am prioritizing those people who have elderly or infants at home as well as those who have low immune systems (with autoimmune disease) who cannot buy alcohol as of now. You will need to send me a selfie of these people in your household as proof. Haha. Please send me your biggest smiles ?,” Meg wrote as she listed out the requirements of how people can avail of the free alcohol.

Photo credit: Meg Reyes-Sy / Facebook

Those who wished to avail of the free alcohol had to pay for the Grab delivery fees, but they get 250ml for free. Meg is simply asking them to “pay it forward” to someone – and they didn’t even have to tell her about their good deed.

Her kindness reverberated across the online community. She currently has no more stocks but is waiting for her supplies to arrive so that she can create a new batch for those in need. Kudos, Meg!

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