4 Successful Children Build a Mansion For Their Parents that sacrifices for them

They might have been struggling with their finances as their parents didn’t have stable jobs, but four kids made sure to give back and build their parents a mansion, now that they are successful in life.

Their story inspired a lot of people on PESO SENSE, a popular financial literacy Facebook page in the Philippines. The eldest of these kids shared their story to inspire others – and many were definitely inspired!

Tricycle Driver, Dressmaker Receive Mansion

Children Build a Mansion For Their Parents

Within just an hour of posting, the story would already get thousands of shares and comments, most of which were positive and praised everyone in the family for being such an inspiration to everyone.

“Share ko lang po ❤️❤️❤️ Isa pong tricycle driver ang tatay ko (nakikiboundary lang din, walang sariling tricycle). Ang nanay ko naman po ay mananahi (pakyawan). Yung kita po nila sa isang araw ay hindi fix, depende sa gawa at tyaga, ayun lang ang maiiuwing pera. Sobrang hirap po ng pinagdaanan, naging working student kami ng kapatid ko at lahat kami ay pinilit na maging scholar.

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