Children Receive Surprise Gift from Mom, 4 Years after Her Passing

There are people who love to give surprises to their loved ones. But there are some who managed to do it beyond the grave as they leave their surprise gifts for their loved ones to find after their passing…

Tim Salonga and his siblings lost their mom 4 years ago, but they recently received a surprise gift from her – and on the timely occasion of their Ate Heka’s birthday.

According to Tim, his Ate Heka celebrated her birthday last September 23. While they were celebrating, their aunts suggested that they look at old photo albums to see their old pictures. As they were reminiscing about their past and remembering their mother, Heka suggested that their aunts bring home the rest of their mom’s clothes.

They had been giving away and disposing of their mom’s old clothes but there are still some left in the closet. So, they went through the last of their mother’s items.

To their surprise, there is one blouse that is wrapped inside two others. Because all the rest of the clothes were properly folded and hung in hangers, they were puzzled by this one.

Upon checking, they found that the pockets of this blouse had treasures inside! There are some jewelry pieces, money worth Php5,000, and a letter.

Para sa pag aaral ni Tim, Hazel, Herica ang perang ito. Gagamitin nila ito sa pang negosyo nila at paramihin nila ang konting pamana kong ito sa kanila at may 3 singsing ito at isang pares ng ikaw (hikaw). Paunlarin niyo ang konting pamana ko sa inyo. Salamat mga anak. Mama,” the letter read.

They did not realize until much later, however, that the note at the back is still a continuation of the first part where she talked about the ‘pamana’.

Tinago ko ito sa makina sa ilalim nya. Kung sino man ang nakakita nito ay ibigay nyo sa mga anak ko. Wag nyong kunin ang hindi para sa inyo,” the letter instructed.

Checking the old sewing machine showed more treasures for the children! There’s a wad of money, all Php1,000 bills! There’s also a passbook with an undisclosed amount of money.

According to Tim, they had actually thought of selling the sewing machine to a junkshop. It was a good thing they decided against doing that as they were able to get their mother’s surprise gift for them…

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