Chinese Man Eating Nails For A Hobby

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A Chinese man went viral when he was taped eating two-inch nails like they were french fries. These are just one of the weird things he eats. He also devoured ceramics, tiles, and glass as a hobby.

We all know that metals are dangerous to our health when digested, especially in huge quantities. They contain toxic chemicals that would damage our stomach and can cause fatal injuries.

So it is quite shocking to see a video posted by Guangming Daily on their Facebook page showing a man from China devouring a plastic full of 5 cm nails as if he’s just eating his snacks.

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It sounds really unbelievable, and you would think that this is just a hoax or a prank. However, you would be awed when you see this video as proof that what he is doing is really real.

By the way, he likes to add a little oil to the nails, to act like a salad dressing.

Been There, Ate That

According to the Chinese man, Yunsheng Long, he has been doing this unbelievable feat for more than 30 years. He learned the trick from a circus performer when he was just 17 years old. He also eats glass, tiles and ceramics as part of his menu.

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What’s really mind-boggling is that in spite of the toxicity and the huge amount of metals he ate, he is in tip-top condition. He is relatively healthy and plans to eat nails for a long time.

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Concrete Stomach

Yunsheng Long boasts that he has an iron throat and a stomach made from concrete. He further bragged that there is nothing that has been made that he cannot swallow.

OMG! He is eating iron nails?!

Posted by Guangming Daily-光明日报 on Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Funny Reactions

Netizen’s reactions to the viral video are hilarious. Of course, we need to warn our children not to try this at all.

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