Chinese Woman Refuses to Leave Homeless Guy, Gets Scolded by Family

The video of a Chinese woman refusing to leave a homeless guy despite getting scolded by her family has gone viral, with many netizens saying the guy is so lucky to have a love life!

Posted on Facebook page “Kabiyak”, the video shows a Chinese woman clinging to the side of a homeless guy. He is grimy and unkempt but the Chinese woman appears to love him and refuses to leave his side.

Two women, presumed to be her family, kept scolding the still-unnamed Chinese woman, but she just keeps on pointing at him and refusing to go with them. A lot of people have gathered around to watch what would happen next because the two ladies were obviously distraught, even angry that she wouldn’t come with them.

Photo credit: Kabiyak / Facebook

They kept telling her to leave the guy, but she kept refusing and simply pointing him. She doesn’t say a word but it is clear that she prefers to be with the guy than with her family.

This led to the onlookers expressing their envy that the homeless man like him would have a love life when they can’t even find someone to love them. And the Chinese woman also appears to stick with him no matter what her family thinks! Now, isn’t that true love?

But the pair of star-crossed lovers continued to anger the Chinese woman’s family. They don’t care whether she and the guy are in love. They live in the streets and she has to be rescued, they thought.

Photo credit: Kabiyak / Facebook

When they still could not convince her to leave the guy, one of the ladies finally had the brilliant idea of telling the homeless guy to stand up and enter the vehicle. The guy quickly did as told – and the Chinese woman followed. The crowd cheered.

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Chinese national na in love sa taong grasa??

Posted by Kabiyak on Thursday, May 14, 2020


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