10 Best Classic PC Games in the Philippines

Whether you’re from the urban areas or the provinces, using computer shops or internet cafes has been the norm for people in the Philippines.

We are quite known in the gaming community as the ones who are fervently playing video games.

It’s been quite a while since Filipinos have started gaming as a hobby so while we enjoy the new ones right now, let’s take a look at the popular classic pc games in our computer shops.

While other online games have been shut down for some quiet time.

Some have been rereleased and others have maintained status since they can rely even on offline mode so without further ado, let’s take a look-see.

Classic Pc Games in the Philippines Internet Cafes

10. Flyff

Classic pc Game Flyff

Flyff or Fly for Fun is a Korean MMORPG developed by Gala Lab here in the Philippines, tons of posters and promotional items are found in internet cafes that offer the game, it has a massive following in the Philippines and now has been revived by PlayPark Games for those who are interested.

The gameplay is like any other MMORPG, you control an avatar that fights Masquerpets but also runs a shop where you can sell off your items that have found in battle.

You can choose from a variety of classes at level 15 and these classes have their own sub-classes at levels 60 and 130, respectively, but that’s also optional so you can do whatever you want to do.

What’s interesting in this game is that they have a lot of social systems that help players interact with each other, one is called the Lord System where players can designate a Lord on their server to facilitate events, anyone can be a Lord as long as they achieve Hero or Master status.

Others are guilds, parties, and marriage systems which some successful ones spark a real-life relationship once they met each other and got to know, which is heartwarming and nice to hear.

If you are interested why not give the new Flyff a try in Flyff Playpark.

9. CABAL Online

Classic pC CABAL Online

Another MMOPRG game but this one is a 3D experience developed by ESTSoft Corp. and has been revived by PlayPark once more for Filipino players to enjoy.

The graphics of this game is very refined at that time.

The gameplay is the same as MMORPG games you are familiar with, Player versus Player (PVP), Player versus Environment (PvE), and player-killing is part of the mechanics and is known by players who play this game.

However, the interesting part here is the classes, of course, there are generic types such as Warrior, Blader, Gladiator, and Wizard, but there are also 4 special Force classes.

Force Archers warp and manipulate magic and use it against enemies.

Force Shielders can materialize and use force to forge a weapon to their advantage.

Force Blader is an empowered blader, a magic swordsman which can buff their weapon.

Finally, Force Gunner implements the force amplifies the power of the elements around them, and like the Warrior uses strength to draw their power.

There are also events like the Nation War and the story is deep which can be interesting for those who love stories in their game.

Like for Flyff, if you are interested, download it here and there’s also a Cabal Mobile that’s in Open Beta Test, you can check them out on Qooapps.

8. Audition

Classic pc games Audition

Audition, is one of the classics that we all know and love.

People spend their time here customizing their avatar and dance to the beat of the music.

People have raved this game and even now since it’s also revived by PlayPark, those who are feeling nostalgia can play once more to experience the fun they had.

Audition is an online rhythm game which is played by pressing the arrows on your keyboard except for the red arrows and you press the space or control keys once the 4th beat of the song starts.

The higher the score you get for your time, the higher the chance you’ll get PERFECT and netting PERFECTs can lead to higher scores.

The charm of this game is getting the moves right and seeing your avatar perform very well on the screen.

If you haven’t failed yet, there’s a chance that you can do the Finish Move which can net you high points.

Customization is another charming point of the game in which you can design your avatar as much as you like and then socialize with your friends and even those you meet online.

There were bonds forged by those people who have played the game and sometimes it leads to more which is amazing.

PlayPark also handles the newest version of Audition right now so check it out at Audition Playpark PH.

7. Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest

Another MMORPG that has captivated the hearts of Filipinos.

One of the latest games here in the list, DragonNest features a rich story that each class has a unique take on so the lore can be different for those who pick a class different from their pals.

Dragon Nest has 7 classes to choose from which can be evolved into certain sub-classes which select your specialty in the game, those 7 main classes are Warrior, Archer, Sorceress, Cleric, Kali, Academic, and Assassin.

Each of them has its unique way of interacting with other classes and different ways of attacking the enemies, so choose wisely which class fits your gameplay in an MMORPG world.

Because of its massive success, Dragon Nest has netted a lot of spin-offs and sequels from various companies that have been allowed by the original creators and it has garnered a lot of players for the nostalgic value it has and memories of the players from the original version.

Players in the SEA region can play here https://sea.dragonnest.com/main while those who are in the US can log in here https://us.dragonnest.com/main.

6. Grand Chase

Grand Chase

Another cult classic pc games for people in the Philippines that is Grand Chase. A 2D, side-scrolling game. GrandChase has a lot of playable characters which are beloved by people who have played the original one.

Since the game is a side-scrolling game, combos and special attacks can be made if the team cooperates which tends to make battling the enemies easier and enjoyable.

The game was free-to-play since you can get good stuff by not spending the premium currency so much. Dungeon crawling is also a feature in this game where you can get good items by raiding enemy dungeons.

The game also values cooperation whereas when a teammate picks an item, in the end, they can roll a dice where the highest valued roll would get the item, which means one cannot just take all the items unless luck provides it to them that is.

If you feel the nostalgic presence and want to play the game, it is available on mobile, here’s their link to the Play Store, Grandchase Global.

5. Special Force

Special forces

When military shooters were a thing, there were 2 games that have been played by the Filipino community other than the classic Call of Duty which is popular worldwide, first was Special Force and CrossFire.

Special Force was a game originally owned by Dragonfly, the game blew everyone away since it’s F2P unless you want cosmetics and you can compete with everyone if you have good aim and proper movement in a shooter game.

SF has a lot of game modes in which players can choose and play whatever game they feel like it.

There is training, single-player, team deathmatch, team battle, CTC, Horror mode, sniper, and more. If you like having a classic ol’ free for all then you can choose Single-player.

Team Deathmatch is where you can fight with your team, die, and respawn quickly. CTC has an oversized head captain which you must protect at all times.

The game has a lot of variations so you will have a lot of game time in this one. If you like to play this gem once more, head on to Playpark Special Force.

4. CrossFire


Like in Special Force, CrossFire is another behemoth in the military shooter trend back then and even now it is alive as ever. If you spot internet cafes, you will see players still playing it and having a fun time.

CrossFire is developed by SmileGames and until now it is still owned by them.

The popularity has grown so immense that they had a film adaptation, a remake, and a sequel lined up and finally a port to the Xbox One has been announced called CrossFire X last E3 2019.

CrossFire has 2 factions vying for their interests.

Black List and the Global Risk, Black List is the mercenary folks who wish to see the world burn while Global Risk protects it against the GR Mercenaries.

There are various game modes that you can play, from the classic Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Zombie Mode, Shadow and Ghost Mode and a lot more.

They have interesting game modes such as Zombie Mode where you need to make sure you are not attacked by a zombie and kill them.

Shadow and Ghost modes where stealth and detection are keys against the opposing sides in order to win.

If you wish to play the game, here’s the link.

3. Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online

Now how can we forget the classic Ragnarok that sparked the interest of Filipinos in terms of MMORPG, before everything it was Ragnarok that started the rise of internet cafes in the Philippines.

Some really become so focused on it that they have become masters of the game.

Some are selling high-end items in the streets of Prontera and those who wish to help beginners also give out zenys to aid them in their quest to become great as well.

Ragnarok introduced the job system which separates them from the level class.

Classes were originally 13 until it was spread out to 50 in the recent patches.

These classes have sub-classes which like any other games, they can choose their specialty with and more. There are also guilds that players can join to socialize with those they find interest in playing with.

Of course, as an MMORPG, it has PvP, PvE, Arena, and even Guild versus Guild where two fight for supremacy.

The cult classic was successful and a lot of private servers have been made to ensure that the game will live on, each has its own levels which certain classes are allowed and how much they can interact with fellow players.

Some have greater classes but is PVP heavy while some can rely on PvE but have fewer classes.

It is the player’s choice which one to choose. But if you are on the go, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is also popular right now in the play store.

2. Counter-Strike


The classic Counter-Strike has always a place in the Philippine Internet Cafes as one of the classic computer games there. Young Filipino gamers have always played the game with their peers to enjoy their youth and clash with their friends to see who has better aim but also just to have the time of their lives. Even in college days when after a hard grueling day of class, some students can just find a place to play and they can enjoy a game of Counter-Strike.

Of course, we all know that Counter-Strike is a popular shooter game that came from Valve’s Half-Life where there are two sides, Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists, where the missions are usually Destroy/Defuse, Hostage Rescue and VIP Protection.

If you wish to relive the classic, you can buy the game on Steam and also play their free-to-play game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Steam as well. 

1. DOTA Classic

DOTA Classic game

The game that started the craze on MOBAs or Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas in the Philippines, sure one can argue that League of Legends or the original Aeon of Strife could have started it, but back in the days when internet cafés are surging in popularity, it was the classic DOTA games at the Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne game that has injected Filipinos’ popularity in the game.

Now, the payoff is worth it as Filipinos represent the country in the current The International 9 that is happening right now. Defense of the Ancients or DOTA is a classic MOBA where you have 3 lanes to fight on and 5 players on each side.

The characters vary in their skill set either in Strength, Agility, or Intelligence and the items you can buy from the shops can augment their damage and skills to achieve victory.

There are a lot of heroes that you can choose from this game and it has spawned a sequel created by Valve called DOTA2 and other MOBA games have been created because of DOTA 1’s popularity.

If you want to play the game, you need the Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne game which can be downloaded online but you also need the map that IceFrog created, it still receives updates and some players play it for the nostalgic value and ease of access in the computer shops since it is a staple for all gaming cafés.

Special Mentions

Of course, there are games that have achieved great popularity in internet cafés that are still being played there.

League of Legends is one example, with its strong Philippine player base and continuing support from its community, those who are not playing DOTA2 might be playing LOL instead.

There are also other classic offline games such as Left 4 Dead which those who wish to fight against their friends, have a versus mode where one could play as a Survivor or a Special Infected.

Games like that can induce excitement and enjoyment to those who plays with their friends, but it can get loud as one gets tense.

Who can forget about Grand Theft Auto where people can make it their sandbox they can dress the character up, buy houses, do some crimes and whatnot, escape the cops and do other mini-games.

The variety of things you can do on that game is clearly worth the time they can put to.

Of course, there are other games not mentioned in the list but they also deserve the honor for making the childhood of those Filipinos that have enjoyed their moments when they were young.

Quick Disclaimer

While a lot of them are multiplayer games, some games can be heated and may lead to rage quits and toxic times, we advise players to exercise their tolerance and patience as they play the game, take a break and relax for a while before entering the game again to avoid unforeseen things to happen.


And with that, there goes the list of the 10 Best Classic Pc Games in the Internet Cafés, Philippines.

Which have you found the interest to return and relive the fun times when you are younger, please do tell us. And for more interesting Top 10s, stay tuned for more!

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