10 Best Classic PC Games in the Philippines

9. CABAL Online

Classic pC CABAL Online

Another MMOPRG game but this one is a 3D experience developed by ESTSoft Corp. and has been revived by PlayPark once more for Filipino players to enjoy.

The graphics of this game is very refined at that time.

The gameplay is same as MMORPG games you are familiar, Player versus Player (PVP), Player versus Environment (PvE) and player-killing is part of the mechanics and is known by players who play this game.

However, the interesting part here is the classes, of course, there are generic types such as Warrior, Blader, Gladiator, and Wizard, but there are also 4 special Force classes.

Force Archers warp and manipulate magic and use it against enemies.

Force Shielders can materialize and use force to forge a weapon in their advantage.

Force Blader is an empowered blader, a magic swordsman which can buff their weapon.

Finally, Force Gunner implements the force amplifies the power of the elements around them and like the Warrior uses strength to draw their power.

There are also events like the Nation War and the story is deep which can be interesting for those who love story in their game.

Like for Flyff, if you are interested, download it here and there’s also a Cabal Mobile that’s in Open Beta Test, you can check them out on Qooapps.

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