Gross Cockroach ‘Mukbang’ Video Goes Viral

‘Mukbang’ is a popular type of video wherein the host eats large quantities of food while interacting with their audience. Many hosts do it on ‘live’ videos to prove that they really are eating these much food and not just creating edited clips.

What makes mukbang videos really popular is that the hosts often eat unusually large amounts of food that normal people can’t actually finish eating. Moreover, many of the popular mukbang hosts are so thin, leaving a lot of people wondering where they are putting all that food in!

But mukbang videos are not all good entertainment. There are some who create gross mukbang videos as they eat things that shouldn’t be eaten at all. shares a video on Facebook about a guy doing a mukbang video with some cockroaches. Yuck! It turned out that this video was originally posted by Mukbang TV, with the guy doing a strange mukbang with some live cockroaches.

He did place some warnings for his viewers not to do it at home, but it’s still so alarming that he would actually do this!

In the video, the guy first shows a live cockroach to the camera. Then, he explains that it is for his mukbang video – and proceeds to eat the critter! Ewwww. But the cringe-worthy video did not stop there.

Just in case you’re grossed out but still curious about what he would do next, you will soon see that he didn’t just stop with one cockroach. Instead, he showed a container filled with several other cockroaches.

Since it is a mukbang video after all, he can’t just eat one cockroach. So, he poured as many of them in his mouth as he could. No! No! No! That’s really so gross. But he actually managed to chomp down on all those roaches, with some gagging, before washing them in with some water.

Watch the video here:

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