LOOK: New ‘Beauty Trend’ Lets You Decorate Your Nails with Tiny Hands and Feet

Every year, there are trends that simply take our breath away. But there is this new ‘beauty trend’ that lets you decorate your nails with tiny hands and feet! This got a lot of people shaking their heads in disbelief, with many even saying they freaked out after seeing the photos. Yay or nay? Definitely nay!

The confusing and rather creepy beauty trend was apparently created by Russian Instagram nail artist who posts under the very popular Instagram account @nail_sunny. Apparently, the nail artist is known for creating bizarre and rather over-the-top manicures that often leave many people confused.

Decorate Your Nails with Tiny Hands and Feet

Nails with Tiny Hands and Feet

The unconventional ‘beauty trend’ is not just a bit creepy to look at, this actually involves a lot of hard work! And if you’re still contemplating on copying this at home, just know that this would need double, possibly triple, the time of your usual manicure and pedicure session.

But if you are willing to try, @nail_sunny shared that the tiny hands and feet are actually made from fake nails attached to your nails. Then, the fake nails have to be molded into shape in a process that’s made even more difficult by the fact that you are working on a very small piece of material.

Once the tiny hands and feet finally take shape, they are painted in skin tone. But the work does not stop there. The technician, then, has to do a mini pedicure and manicure on the tiny appendages! Still so creepy, huh?

In a video, @nail_sunny playfully lets the created tiny feet ‘walk’ on the pavement, but many netizens still think this is just so weird.

This isn’t a beauty trend — this is to see how social media influences & how people are foolish enough to believe it and go out & do it themselves,” one netizen wrote.

Really wish I wouldn’t have been eating/licking my finger when I decided to watch this,” another commented.


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