Deepspot, 45 Meters Deep Swimming Pool Will Open In Poland This Autumn

Autumn of 2019 will surely prove to be a special time for Warsaw Poland as it plans to open Deepspot. A new swimming pool facility that is poised to be the deepest pool in the world.

Tourist spot

Staying true to its title, of course, it can’t be the world’s deepest pool without attracting tourists. And the more amenities, the more tourists will visit.

World's Deepest Pool

It is reported that there will be other facilities that will be built in the location such as an underwater tunnel, conference and training rooms, and of course hotel rooms.

The tunnel will be for the visitors who don’t want to swim but would like to experience the underwater action.

Can’t imagine?

To give you a comparison, the pool that will be 147.6 feet or 45 meters will need 8,000 cubic meters of water just to fill up. This is like filling up 27 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Imagine how big that is!

World's Deepest Pool Deepspot

On the plus side, there is nothing to fear because even if it seems to be for professionals, it is reported that Deepspot will be able to accommodate a range of athletes from beginners to professional divers.

It aims to be a central place where they can all enhance their swimming skills.

Not for long

As mentioned above, Deepspot will be the world’s deepest pool when it opens, taking the spot from Y-40 Deep Joy from Terme, Italy which has a 42-meter-deep pool.

However, the reign will be short-lived as another deep pool which is a whopping 50-meter-deep pool called Blue Abyss is also under construction in Colchester United Kingdon and is set to open in 2020.

It may not be the world’s deepest pool for a long time but Deepspot is sure to entertain and accommodate thousands of thrill-seekers when it opens in Autumn.

Here’s the video of its construction:

Deepspot Construction Site

Kilka dni, kilka ton stali i betonu później, czyli co byście zobaczyli latając dziś nad Deepspotem :)————-A few days, a few tons of steel and concrete later, which is what you would see flying over Deepspot construction site today 🙂

Posted by Deepspot on Thursday, 1 August 2019

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