Deleted Video Shows Marcelito Worrying after Simon Picked His Song for AGT Finals

Everyone except Simon Cowell loved Marcelito Pomoy’s performance of “Beauty and the Beast” in Finals of “America’s Got Talent: The Champions”, 2020 Edition. But a now-deleted video resurfaced online, showing a worried Marcelito telling fans that he’s not so happy about the song that Simon had picked for him!

Why would Simon pick “Beauty and the Beast” for Marcelito to sing, but later slam the song as “predictable”? Fans angrily answered that the reason is obvious: he clearly doesn’t want Marcelito to win!

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A lot of people were angry at Simon for saying that Marcelito’s song choice was “predictable”. Even judge Alesha Dixon reacted to his statement, questioning why he would even think that the song was predictable at all!

But an earlier vlog by the Pinoy singer appears to reveal that it was Simon who actually picked his song for the finals! In the now-deleted video, Marcelito expressed apprehension about the song, saying that he doesn’t feel like the song was good enough as contest piece for the finals. He added, though, that he can’t do anything about it because the song was chosen for him by Simon.

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