Smart dog sells hotdogs and takes order correctly, Humans loving it

Putting up a business is not easy. There’s a lot of things you need to consider- products, target market, location, etc. And one of the things that makes the business alive is customer service.

Admit it, one business could not survive if they have very low customer service. So it’s very important to choose someone who’s knowledgeable in this field. But, what if that someone is a dog?

Dog Sells Hot Dogs

Just For Laughs Gags, silent comedy/hidden camera reality TV show play a prank with people where a dog sells hot dogs in a food cart. With his uniform on (lapel microphone and a hat), the dog sits in the cashier’s area and patiently wait for customers. You would think, how will customers order? Well, they have rules actually.

The Barking Hot Dogs. Bark to order

True to its store name, The Barking Hot Dogs, customers need to bark to order. And amazing as it is, the dog would bark back to indicate that he has gotten your order perfectly. Such a smart dog.

The menu

The barking hot dogs offer 3 menus and each menu has a rule written to it. So if you don’t want to be given the wrong menu, then please, bark right.

Rule #1. If you want to order fries and jolly hotdog, then, bark once. Worth $5

Rule #2. If you want to order 2 Jolly hotdogs and drinks, then, bark twice. Worth $5

Rule #3. If you want to order fries, burger, and drinks, then bark 3 times. Worth $5

Humans are loving it

Passers-by can’t believe the sight first (dog salesman). They have this look of uncertainty on their faces when they approach the dog to order. But, to their surprise, the dog surpasses their expectation and made no mistake in taking their order. The dog even gives change to one customer when she pays $10.

See the video below:

Source Photo, Video / Funny Pranks

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