GF Of Gamer/Streamer Proudly Shows Off Her BF’s Sportscar

Every one of us has their own dreams. For some, it may be having a family, a house, a traveling lifestyle, or having their dream car. This is why when we see people reach their dream, we can’t help but be happy for them. Especially if they got it through hard work and by doing what they love.

For the love of games

There was a time when playing games are as just that, wasting time and not doing anything productive at all. But with the rise of technology and social media, comes the various ways to earn money and make a living.

For one, posting videos and content on social media can now give someone a source of living.


One example who found his source of income through gaming and streaming is AkosiDogie. He plays Mobile Legends and streams the games where his followers can watch and comment while he is in the game. He was able to build a community of gamers and he also coaches some of them to join competitions.

Streaming monetization, a few months back, Facebook introduced influencers’ abilities to monetize their live content. This made way to gamers getting money from their streams on Facebook and on YouTube.

AkosiDogie is one of those who was able to make money by doing what he loves.

Dream car

Just this January 5, his girlfriend posted a series of photos of them and the new orange sportscar that he was able to buy through his hard work.

In her caption, she recalled how AkoSiDogie once said that someday he will be able to buy a sports car. Which he was already able to do.

Na alala ko pa nun highschool tayo at nakakita ka ng sports car habang nasa bus tayo..ang sabi mo saakin..
“beng alam mo ang pangarap ko masundo kita na naka sports car ako”.. sabay tawa lang tayo.. ngayon u have your very own Ford Mustang so proud of you
love u beng since day one 2012
hindi ako mag sasawa suportahan ka. #KatasNgHardWorkMo #akosidogie #chixmiss

Photo: Paula Lladoc

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