Dressmaker Nanay Earns Praise for Sewing Free Face Masks to Help Victims of Taal Eruption

As more and more people are affected by the eruption of Taal Volcano, supplies of masks are running out across Batangas and even in Metro Manila as well as other parts of Luzon.

N95 masks are in demand because these are the best to use against the small particulate matter from the volcanic eruption. But because supplies are low, many residents are using other options, such as surgical masks and even homemade masks from items they have available at home.

Photo credit: Mary Ann Mantuano / Facebook

Others are also scrambling to help those in need, with many buying masks to distribute to family, friends, neighbors, and even to strangers passing by their area. Many are also traveling to Batangas to give out food, water, and other basic needs

It is lucky that these people have a lot of money; yet one dressmaker nanay proves that you don’t have to be rich to help. Mary Ann Mantuano of Lipa City, Batangas shared that she and her family did not have much to give; but they wanted to help. So, her 61-year-old seamstress mom Rosalina Mantuano made face masks from scratch.

Photo credit: Mary Ann Mantuano / Facebook

My mother didn’t know how she could help. But because she’s a seamstress, she thought of creating face masks for those in need. [This proves] that anyone could help, as long as they are willing,” the proud daughter shared on her social media account.

According to Mary Ann, her mom has been a seamstress for over 45 years. Since it’s a skill she is good at, she used this to help others – and everyone loved what she’s doing! Their neighbors were quite happy to receive the face masks because they can’t afford to buy N95 masks.

Photo credit: Mary Ann Mantuano / Facebook

My mother is a kind woman and has empathy for people. She couldn’t help financially, but she heard the news that face masks have become so expensive, so she thought of creating them for free,” Mary Ann said.

We are so happy that we have helped people. She often tells our family that it’s more important for us to help other people than for them to help us.”

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