Video: Duo Using Rubber Chicken For A Wedding March Song

Weddings will not be complete without the classic walking-in-the-aisle tune, may it be orchestrated in different instruments commonly in piano or violin, name it! But this popular comedy duo went viral upon showing the secret behind the wedding march song by just using rubber chickens!

Netizens are confused and amazed at the same time by watching the viral guy hitting the notes while playing the wedding song through rubber chickens. In the whole course of the video, it might cause you to stare and stop to think, “Is this actually true?”

Mind Blown

duo chicken wedding song

Well, most are thinking that such video is fake and the rhythm produced from the rubber chicken is auto-tuned, but one netizen’s comment standout by telling one that such talent requires a lot of skill. In the question whether rubber ducks are meant to make one note, the netizen explained that squeezing and releasing it harder and faster is the key to make different sounds. Also, pressing and releasing it in a softer and slower manner does the trick as well.

However, getting the rhythm accurate is another story, plus a really great skill.

Chicken Jokes

wedding song using chicken doll

As the video went viral, netizens kept tagging people they know and throw some chicken jokes and all about weddings. Some have expressed admiration on the video and kidding aside, some have given up in life not to get married and walk down the aisle.

Some have joked about bringing chickens on their friend’s wedding day and hilariously comments with bringing lots of chicken wings as well.

Twoset Violin

The video is posted by a Facebook page, Twoset Violin, a popular duo of Australian musicians who uniquely put humor in their music, giving another perspective to people about classical music. Both are performing classical music live with a touch of comedy. The two are doing a world tour, about to etch their name in every soul, leaving their marks and their music.

Chicken Wedding

Chicken Wedding

Posted by Twoset Violin on Thursday, 9 August 2018

Source: Facebook

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