Durians Sold Out Quickly after Fitness Trainers Become Sellers

Gyms have closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic; thus, fitness trainers had to find a way to earn money while they are not allowed to work at their usual job. Just like many others affected by the global pandemic, many found jobs that are different from their field of work.

In Thailand, for example, a group of fitness trainers were hired by a local durian shop – and sales went over the roof! The durians got sold out so quickly that the happy shop owner decided to keep the fitness trainers.

Bsamfruit Durian Delivery had the perfect idea of hiring the fitness trainers are sellers while they are unable to work at the gym. Soon, word spread about the hunks and beauties at the durian store, leading many locals to drive there and take photos with the fitness trainers who suddenly became local celebrities.

Since it would be too obvious if they simply go there to take photos, the fitness trainers’ new fans found themselves buying some durian. Since the workers (the guys, at least) didn’t have their shirts on, netizens were drooling on their photos rather than the durians they were selling. LOL.

But the marketing strategy by the wise durian shop owner worked. It worked so well, in fact, that he decided to also hire the fitness trainers at the café he owns. The restaurant sells durian products – and the hunky waiters are also attracting so many customers, too!

The gyms might be closed down due to the pandemic, but these fitness trainers have found a good job. Thankfully, they don’t appear to mind the strong scent of the fruit they are selling! That’s a good thing, of course, as durians are known for their rather pungent smell. Oooops.

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