Family Put Their Little Girl In An ”Invisible” Prank, Happened Next Is Horribly Funny

A new recently released Netflix series, Magic For Humans went viral and widely watched by many. A certain prank which intends to make the victim believe that he is invisible made netizens copy the prank. A Facebook netizen, Makoy Evan posted a video on how his family put a stunt on their little sister.

The little girl in the video was seen sitting in a chair while the older brother holding a large blanket prepares for the invisibility chant, even putting his hand above the head of the young girl.

After quite a while, upon the removal of the blanket, the whole family started to act as if the kid is invisible.

Whatever she holds, they go amazed as if everything that the little girl holds is floating which the invisible girl enjoys at first.

At first, the kid seems to be enjoying the prank until they went for a photo opt and found out that she isn’t shown in the picture.

Such circumstance alarmed the little girl not knowing that it was captured beforehand.

The little girl started to cause tension by throwing the remote control as she learns that she might be actually invisible to everyone. She went horribly unstoppable as she throws tantrums and dragging herself on the floor.

The family, on the other hand, wasn’t able to calm the kid as if they are the ones being pranked.

The older brother tried to calm the little girl by putting the large blanket on her, making her believe that he is about to undo the invisibility spell but didn’t succeed in doing so.

Everyone in the family is seen horribly laughing upon seeing their gullible sister agitated.

While some see the prank as traumatizing to the kid, some find it funny and entertaining. Many have claimed that it is by far the funniest ”Invisible” prank ever made.

Watch the video here:

Source: Facebook

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