Filipino Recycles Old Bicycle And Broken Washing Machine So You Can Do The Laundry By Cycling

Filipinos are natural inventors. This trait could have been because the Philippines is a third-world country, so electronics like an expensive washing machine cannot be simply disposed of once broken.

What would you with a washing machine that no longer works and is not covered by the insurance company anymore?

The answer is simple: Recycle.

Recycled Bicycle And Washing Machine

Filipino Recycles Old Bicycle

That is exactly what innovator Dandy Abdulmalik Vicentino did. He studied the mechanisms that made the washing machine work. After that, he substituted the broken ones with the help of his old bicycle that was good as junk.

As you can see in the video, his bike is already very rusty, and so is the machine. Who would have thought that two “useless” items would become such a great pair?

The Mechanisms

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How he did it looks pretty simple. He used belts and pulleys and attached them to the machine and the bike. Every time he pedals the bicycle, the washing machine moves to that direction. He can even reverse it to ensure that the clothes are well-cleaned.

How Much It Costs

Filipino Recycles Old Bicycle image 3

It works so well that he even invites his fellow Filipinos to talk to him should they want the same energy-saving product in their homes. He has not priced his services yet and it is up to the people to name their price, for now.

Support From The Community

Inventions like this make the Filipino community happy and proud. Who would have thought that items like these—which are often seen as junk, can still be one man’s treasure?

If inventors like Dandy are given recognition and support by the government, it would make the lives of many Filipinos more comfortable. The washing machine invention also promotes electricity conservation and exercise.

Now, doing the laundry can be done by anyone, even kids! By riding a stationary bike at home, you can have a toned body and freshly washed clothes.

Watch the video here:

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