14+ Funny and relatable paintings Of A 19-Year-Old Boy Went Viral

Paintings of a 19-year-old boy named Jessied G. Palagbas from Cagayan de Oro City went viral.

Filipinos are known for being creative and imaginative. In fact, many Filipino artists have gone international for their amazing skills and talent.

And recently a work of art of a 19-year-old boy surfaced the internet and quickly got everyone’s attention.

As we all know, Filipinos are addicted to funny punch lines. In fact, the recent Ms. Universe pageant had a lot of funny memes that of course, made by Filipinos. That’s just how creative our mind is.

And one particular artist has this amazing skills. But instead of getting pictures from the internet and making it into memes, this student used daily products which almost everyone buys every day. And changed their names into funny yet very relatable lines.

Jessied G. Palagbas with a pen name Dragonsiedd is an artist from Cagayan de Oro City. He uses Color pencil , Pen&ink , Charcoal , Graphite , and Vector art on his masterpieces. His output took the netizens by storm as it’s not only creative but very funny as well.

Take a look at some of his works as they will surely make you laugh.

From Ariel to ‘Unreal Masakit Besh!’ with side paintings of ‘Awtsu’ ‘Jusko’.

credits : Dragonsiedd

Nagaraya to ‘Nagparaya’

credits : Dragonsiedd

Happy to ‘Saddy walang forever’

credits : Dragonsiedd

Despicable ME 3 to ‘Replaceable Me 3’

credits : Dragonsiedd

Fita to ‘Walay Kita Crushes’

credits : Dragonsiedd

Oishi Martys to ‘Martyr Sa Pag-ibig Spicy Dika Bet Flavor’

credits : Dragonsiedd

Those are some of his amazing arts. Now, who didn’t you have a good time browsing his arts? I’m sure you did and so does everyone. In fact, his arts has garnered 18,000 likes, 1.7k comments, and 47,474 shares in just 4 days of posting.

What do you think? Isn’t this boy brilliant?

Here are more of his work of arts. Don’t hold yourself from laughing, we all did.

#1 Loyal

#2 Oshe’s Crispy Paasa

#4 JM shawarma (sawana)

#5 Boyseen the no. 1 pain

#6 7 inches

#7 Assuming

#8 Pakiko Balaka

#9 Tanga

#10 De Importante

#11 Pota 2

#12 Friendzone

#13 Tired

#14 Fake Feelings

Source: Facebook Dragonsiedd

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