FUNNY infant breakdances, the family could not believe it

Being a parent is the most exciting and surprising moments of life. Every day is full of love and new discoveries to what your child’s ability is. Every day in anticipation of your child’s milestones; when he learns to crawl, walk. etc. And when that time comes, as proud parents, you want to show it to the world. However, what if your child does more than you expected him to do?

Surprised and excited parents

When you’re a parent, you’ll understand the feeling of excitement and overjoyed to every development of your child. Every day is like wrapping an unknown gift, you’re child’s milestone. This is because you didn’t know the exact time of when he shows his new ability. Whether it’ll be during playtime, before going to sleep, mealtime, etc. There’s really no hint if when this new development will happen that you’ll be very surprised if it does. The same with the experience of this parent along with family.


One of the joyous moments of being a parent is playtime with your child. This time of the day is not only full of waves of laughter but learnings as well. Also, it might be the time, your child chooses to show his new ability. Just like this cute and adorable baby in the viral video.

Learns to walk

In the video, parent, along with family are happily playing with their baby boy. One of the family members is holding him up when suddenly, he tries to walk to his grandmom. However, the baby did more than that. He dances as well.

Family can’t believe it

The looked of surprise from family when their baby not only walk but dance as well is indescribable. The baby did not do simple dance, but breakdance. His family could do anything but be frozen on their sit while they watch this unbelievable skills of their baby.

Watch the video below and be amaze as well.
Source Video / Thomas Moore

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