Gadget Store Goes Viral for Letting Kid Use Their Gadgets and WiFi to Do Homework

A gadget store is going viral for letting a kid use their gadgets and wifi connection to do homework because the does not have these resources at home! But netizens also admired the kid for finding a way to solve his problem of not having gadgets and internet connection so he could still work in his assignment.

It started with a video that shared very little information about the boy or where he lives. Yet the video was so impressive that the kid could be seen using the store’s tablet and internet access to do his homework.

Photo credit: Rafael Martinez Jr. / Facebook

In the video, the kid can be seen standing beside a display table of a Samsung store, checking the tablet from time to time as he wrote on his notebook. With his backpack casually slung over his shoulder, the boy worked intently on his homework.

Netizens were impressed that he found a way to make his homework even if they had no gadgets or wifi at home. But everyone was also glad that the store associates allowed the kid to do his homework there!

Photo credit: Rafael Martinez Jr. / Facebook

After the video went viral, the boy was identified as 10-year-old Guilherme Santiago of Recife, Brazil. It turned out that Guilherme was sitting outside the store, using his cellphone to study and connect with the store’s wifi before an employee noticed and invited him to use their tablet on display.

While many netizens suggested that the employees give him a chair so he would be more comfortable, others said such stores probably don’t have any. Some also suggested that the store give him a tablet so he could work at home, but many pointed out that he probably needs the wifi more than a gadget.

Photo credit: Rafael Martinez Jr. / Facebook

Check out the video here:

There’s always a glimmer of hope in humanity… This store lets this kid come in & do his homework every day because he has no internet or computer at home

Posted by Rafael Martinez Jr. on Wednesday, 1 January 2020

But Samsung listened to netizens! After the story went viral, someone from Samsung reached out to Guilherme – and he received not just one but three tablets he can use for his studies! The fifth-grader at the Abilio Gomes Municipal School also received a computer and a scholarship from Samsung. Wow!

Photo credit: Julia Nunes / Twitter

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