Smoking Area Gang Bullied Teen Gets Justice Through Social Media

Smoking Area Gang, a group of teenagers from Angeles City Pampanga is found out to set-up and beat up their victims.

It would have lasted long without anybody interfering with it if the video of one of their sprees was not posted online.

Teen victim

The said video took Facebook by storm when it was posted by a relative of the victim. It turned out, the victim was set up and was beaten by the group last September 2018.

The parents of the victim immediately went to their school to complain, however, there wasn’t much progress because they didn’t know who the group was and where the teens are studying.

The months following the incident was slow and when the victim’s family didn’t see any move from the bully’s family, they decided to post it on social media, where Raffy Tulfo saw and took action immediately.

Fast progress

Since the 1st part was aired on Tulfo’s YouTube channel, more victims surfaced.

It turned out, it was their modus to bait people through Facebook messenger, and when they have their victims covered, they will beat them up.

New information has come to light that these teens even take illegal drugs before they initiate their beating session.

Since it was aired on the channel, the faces of the teens who are part of the group were also exposed, in the hopes of stopping them from doing what they do.

Latest update

Update on August 22, 2019, was given on Tulfo’s YouTube channel.

The victim and the bullies are now in the police station in Angeles to file the cases.

As of the moment, it was also mandated by Tulfo that the DSWD should at least detain the teens in their facility while the case is being heard.

The authorities are now on the hunt for the other members of the group so they can detain them.

Watch the updates on the case below in several videos:

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