Warning: Glasstop Stove Explodes & Shatters While Heating Water

Stoves are important appliances in the kitchen.

One kind of stove in the Philippines that has been a best-seller because of its aesthetics and its supposed safety is the glass-top ones.

It is supposedly made with tempered glass and is safe. Or so we thought…


A Facebook user named Mutya Javier posted a series of photos where their glass stove exploded and shattered.

According to her, her mom was just heating water when they suddenly heard an explosion.

They did not see any smoke or smell something funny, they just heard an explosion and when they checked, the stove was shattered already.

She thanked God that her mom was not in front of the stove when it happened, but she said she posted it as a warning for those who own the same kind of stove.

Usage limit

According to Mutya, she thinks that the stove was overused.

They have had the stove for four years already, and they used it to cooked large amounts of food for a fiesta the day before.

Some comments agreed with her that it was maybe overused.

Some even said that it was not supposed to be wiped with a cold cloth that they might have done.

Safety measures

Someone from the comments said that overusing the stove may have made it explode.

Another commenter seconded the post and said that she was supposed to buy the same model of stove, but when the salesman told her that she can’t use it for an extended amount of time, or she can’t overuse it, she opted not to buy instead.

When it comes to anything, it is better to be safe than sorry, read all the manuals, ask the salesman, and never overuse any product.

BABALA! Kanina habang nagiinit ng tubig si nanay bigla na lang pumutok ang kalan reason kung bakit nagkabasag basag…

Posted by Mutya Jäviêr on Sunday, 22 September 2019

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