Gorgeous Girl Selling Sampaguita In Quiapo Went Viral

Do you remember Carrot Man, Badjao Girl, and the other people who went viral for looking good but are just living a simple life?

Well another viral-worthy girl was found in Quiapo and she is selling sampaguita in front of Quiapo church.

Sampaguita Girl

The gorgeous sampaguita girl who was identified as Veronica Rodilla got the attention of a lot of netizens, not to mention a lot of buyers on the day she was seen selling flowers in front of Quiapo church.

Sampaguita Girl image

It’s no wonder she went viral when someone posted her photos on Facebook.

The day she sold flowers, she was wearing a pink fitted blouse and high waist jeans. It is impossible for anyone not to take a second glance at the pretty girl.

Sampaguita Girl image 2

In fact, several people stopped to take a photo with her. It’s like she became an instant superstar with the onlookers and the people lining up to have their photos taken.

Sampaguita Girl image 3
Sampaguita Girl image 4

Though it is not confirmed whether she really sells sampaguita daily, or she was just there for a dare or something, one thing is certain, people were drawn to her and they all flocked around her top oggle on her beauty despite the rain.

Sampaguita Girl image 5
Sampaguita Girl image 6
Sampaguita Girl image 7
Sampaguita Girl image 8
Sampaguita Girl image 9
Sampaguita Girl image 10

Netizens’ reactions

People are amazed at the pretty face and girl-next-door vibe of Veronica or who is more popularly known as sampaguita girl now. Some are complimenting her on her looks and praising her for how pretty she looks.

However, there are those who spouted facts that if she wasn’t pretty no one would ever attempt to talk to her, or even buy from her, that is the sad reality that some netizens are pointing out.

Some, on the other hand, pointed out that there is nothing wrong in admiring beauty. After all, she is really beautiful, isn’t she?

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