Groom Angry at Wedding Singer Who Refused to Sing 20 Songs for Free

A groom is angry at a wedding singer who refused to sing 20 songs for free. The guy just could not understand why the singer, someone who has appeared on TV, would refuse to do it for free even if he offered to help her become famous by sharing her videos!

After her stint at ‘Secret Songer’ on “I Can See Your Voice” on ABS-CBN, Patricia Joy Peñano had her fair share of TV guestings and invitations from fans who wanted her to sing for a special occasion.

While such is not publicly announced, it is common knowledge that they get paid for such stints. That’s how they earn in the entertainment industry.

But one guy thought that she does that for free – and wanted her to sing as many as 20 songs for free on his wedding, even if they don’t even know each other personally! Whoa.

Sharing screenshots of their conversation with the guy’s family name and photo covered, Patricia narrated how this groom named Joshua asked her to sing at his wedding. The guy wanted her to sing 20 songs, with special requests for her to sing during the bride’s entrance and to also bring a guitarist friend with her.

While Patricia was willing to do 20 songs despite the difficultly she might face in doing that, the singer was shocked to learn that the guy actually wanted her to do it for free!

When she patiently explained that she charges a talent fee for such an event, particularly because the guy wanted her to do 20 songs, the groom told her he’s relatives with a local politician. Apparently, the groom thinks that he could make her famous by sharing the videos of her performance at the wedding.

She refused to do it, of course, but this angered the guy so much that he began to hurl insults her way. This groom named Joshua told Patricia that she’s just an average singer and that she’s only after people’s money.

Saddened by the experience, Patricia shared the story on her Facebook account in hopes that this would serve a lesson to others.

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