Guy Tries to Hitch a Ride on Airplane’s Wing, Puts His Bag Inside Plane’s Engine

Plane travel remains as the fastest means of transport across great distances, but it is also expensive. Not everyone can afford to ride a plane. And while airplanes fly at high altitudes, this fact did not stop one man from trying to hitch a ride on its wing. Uh-oh.

Passengers of Azman Air 737 began shouting as the plane prepared to fly from the airport in Lagos, Nigeria, headed for Port Harcourt, Nigeria, because they saw a man moving on the airplane’s wing! Like a scene from an action movie, the man could be seen crawling up the wing after reportedly putting his bag inside the plane’s engine!

Thankfully, the passengers were alert. They shouted to get to the crew’s attention. Appropriate actions were done to get the man off the wing; though the plane was grounded for hours because the crew had to seek help from the police.

Then, his bag was removed from the plane’s engine and the aircraft had to undergo another round of safety inspection before it was finally allowed to take off. The passengers were rather annoyed, quite understandably, but still thankful that they were able to see the man before something could have happened to him.

The passengers were even more thankful after learning that in saving the man, they also inadvertently saved themselves because his bag could have led to damage on the plane’s engine! The incident could have ended up so badly!

The man’s identity has not been released but airport authorities admitted that such an incident isn’t new to them. In fact, there are so many people trying to sneak in planes in Lagos to hitch a ride that some were actually able to do it. Sadly, they were tragically lost either from falling off the plane wing or freezing and running out of oxygen in the cargo hull.

Here’s a video taken during the incident:

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