Heartwarming Performance Of Students For Their Teacher Who Is Battling Breast Cancer

Cancer is indeed the leading cause of a problem when it comes to health disease. Many people suffered daily from having that kind of disease. Even though the rate of cancer constantly increases, what we often overlook is the healing power of love and sympathy from our family and from the people that surround us.

Grab some tissues because this story will surely melt your heart!

Where It All Started

It was the year 2015 when Mrs. Adriana Lopez found out that she has a breast cancer. It was also the same year when she started teaching at PS22 in Grenville New York. The condition didn’t stop her from teaching her students.

Mrs. Lopez’s bubbly smile and creativity instantly captured the heart of her students. The people in the PS22 community, admired the teacher’s strength and bravery. Her personality impressed everyone in their community.

A Song of Love

When the students learned that their teacher was battling a cancer, they came up with a surprise that undoubtedly touched Mrs. Lopez’s Heart.

It was their year-end show when the PS22 Choir offered a song for their dear teacher. The students performed “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”, a song by Martina McBride.

In the middle of the song, the students had raised their hand while handling a piece of rose.

The performance indeed brought tears to the teacher’s eyes. It was tears of happiness and appreciation.

Seeing the children sing with all their heart, shows the beauty of childhood.. innocence and kindness.

Viral Video

When the video was posted on Facebook, it caught the attention of the netizens across the globe. Words of encouragement and sympathy outpoured the comments section. The video went viral and reached 3.9M views. The PS22 choir was then invited by The View to perform for their show. The students sang not only on TV, but also with the singer itself, Martina McBride.

Watch the full video:


When the students showed their talent and love for Mrs. Lopez, they also shared with the world the epitome of pure love. It is wonderful how an act of kindness can bring healing to one’s soul. By God’s grace and with Mrs. Lopez’ incredible strength, she is now cancer free.

Source: Facebook

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