Story: Life of Henry Sy, The richest man in the Philippines

World War II

When the war came in Manila, the city left destroyed and so was their store. His family decided to go back to China, but Henry Sy stayed in the Philippines and continue dreaming hard.

He was not deterred to what happened and developed the ShoeMart. He said,

“You have to start from the ground up”

Back then he has a simple dream, ‘Shoes for every Filipinos‘ as he sees the need of Filipinos for shoes after the war.

With hard work and perseverance, Henry Sy not only achieved his dream but surpasses it.

Henry Sy’s SM success story

Now SM is one of the largest conglomerates in the Philippines. In fact, there are 77 SM malls, 62 department stores, 56 supermarkets, and over 200 grocery stores in the Philippines and China.

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Aside from that, SM also owns the second-largest bank in the Philippines, BDO Banco de Oro.

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