Mukbang Video Creator Kate Yup Being Held Hostage: Real Or Fake?

People do everything to have great content. Especially today where our lives are primarily driven towards social media, if you have great content, people will go to any lengths to have people watch them. Sometimes for fun, or sometimes, for money.

What is Mukbang

Mukbang, muk-bang or meokbang is a type of video where the hosts eat an insane amount of food while interacting with the audience. It became popular and one popular Mukbang content creator goes by the name of Kate Yup.

Yup, has been a YouTube content creator since 2018. She has several videos of her eating with a blindfold. She used to upload videos every week or so, but there came a time when she stopped.

In some of her videos, people notice some things like her bruises, which led to a conclusion that she might be a hostage where she is abused and starved until her next video so she can eat a lot.

Is she being held, hostage?

via: kate yup / Youtube channel

A month ago, she release a new video with the title “I am ALIVE“. However, the video led to more conclusions. In the subtitle of the video, 4 letters were capitalized which spelled “HELP”.

This, along with the other signs in her previous videos like the morse code tapping on her bowl, the table shaking when she stops eating, or other times she allegedly asks for help, led to more conspiracy theories.


These issues were answered by Kate when she posted on her social media that she is ok and not being forced.

She also pinned comment on the morse code video that she wasn’t doing any morse code.

It was just a random tapping on the side of the bowl. This is according to the pinned comment on top of the video, which, strangely, addresses her in a third person.

Real or fake?

Now people are getting concerned by the day for her. But some are also skeptical and are saying that she could be doing this for views and money.

I mean, it’s not the first time someone ever faked an issue to get more views, right?

If it’s real, how come YouTube has taken no action yet. If it’s not, then we still wish Kate is safe.

How about you? What’s your take on this?

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