Kid Goes Viral For Giving Food To People On The Streets Using His Christmas Money

Christmas is a time of giving. Every Christmas, we see people giving love and gifts to their families and friends. But when one show compassion to someone that is not related to them, it becomes inspiring.

One kid became viral on Facebook for showing all of us that you don’t need to be rich, or at a certain age to be nice and to help people. All you have to have is a heart that aims to help.

Christmas gift giving

Last December 26, 2018, a Facebook user named Jeraldine Ancheta Yamson posted a thank you post and a proud post about her son and what he did as a Christmas gift to the less fortunate people.

She started her post with a thank you to all the godparents of her son, AJ. She said that the money they gave him was used by AJ to prepare a simple meal that they put into a styro pack to give away to the less fortunate people on the streets.

Simple but appreciated

One styro pack includes scrambled egg, 3 cocktail hotdogs, and rice. It may seem simple to some, but the photos of the people who were lucky to have been given food show how appreciated this small but amazing gesture is for them.

It may be a small amount to some, but the smile that this kid was able to bring to the faces of the people on the streets is definitely priceless.

The mom also added that AJ decided that he will do this gift-giving charity every Christmas.

Netizens’ glee

Comments from the people poured as they praise the kid for the good deeds that he is doing. Even at a young age, it is obvious that his heart is in the right place and that he is being raised well.

Image Via : Jeraldine Yamson

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