6-Year-Old Kid Prefer Helping Parents Instead of Using Gadgets

With most kids these days really hooked on gadgets and TV, are there still kids who actually prefer doing outdoor activities and playing with toys?

Well, it seems that there still remain a few of these rare specimen – and one of them is a 6-year-old boy who actually chooses outdoor activities and helping his parents instead of using gadgets! Isn’t that fantastic?

Kid Prefer Helping Parents

Twitter user @zhariframli proudly shared photos of his nephew, the boy who doesn’t like to play with gadgets. The kid is identified as Mikail Harith, a 6-year-old boy from Malaysia. The proud uncle happily shared photos of Mikail, declaring that though the boy was raised in the big city, he isn’t inclined to using gadgets.

kid cultivating

Instead, the young boy prefers to do outdoor activities like camping, hiking, going fishing, and other fun activities that many kids these days no longer enjoy because they are spending more time with their gadgets. While screen time is more fun for most kids his age, Mikail would rather go out and have fun under the sun.

kid fishing

But that’s not all! According to this proud uncle, Mikail also loves to do chores in the house. He enjoys helping his parents keep the house clean, take care of his sister, and other things that most people won’t let kids do – such as iron his own clothes! Whoa. This is one responsible kid – and he’s just 6 years old. Wow.

Kid Prefer Helping Parents ironing

Although he spends most of his time in the city with his parents, Mikail loves the weekends they spend at his grandparents’ farm where he could help with gardening. Fishing and camping are his favorite activities; these are definitely impressive, considering that most kids his age would prefer indoor activities, particularly those that involve gadgets and the internet…

Image credits: Twitter user @zhariframli / The Life Feed

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