Kid Refuses to Leave Parents’ Grave, Plays There as If They’re Still Around

Losing a parent is hard but losing both is something that is so difficult to accept – particularly for young children. Photos of a boy playing at his parents’ grave made a lot of netizens cry, especially because the kid plays there as if his parents were still around and just watching him have fun.

Azuan Shamsuddin posted the pictures of his nephew, Arfan, who lost both his parents to an accident. At this tender age, young Arfan just could not understand why his parents never came home. They tried explaining to him that his parents were gone, but he kept asking where they are and why they did not come back.

Trying to make the kid understand was such a difficult thing. So, Azuan decided to bring him to his parents’ grave, telling him that they are there.

That was explanation enough for the child who still could not grasp the concept that his parents would never come back. But he felt safe and content that his parents where there, on that spot. So, the kid played with the sand over their graves, despite not liking outdoor play with the sand outside their home, Azuan shared.

While playing at his parents’ grave, the boy would sometimes cry out, “Mom! Mom! Where are you?” This brought tears to Azuan’s eyes. It was clear that the boy misses his parents so much but could still not understand that although they are in those graves, they are no longer able to hear him and would not ever come back home.

As dusk sets in, the boy refused to go home, but only agreed when Azuan promised to bring him there again. Poor kid…

Image credits: Azuan Shamsuddin / Facebook

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