Kids Gets A Whole Squad Of Sheriff’s Deputy As Escorts After His Dad Died In The Line Of Duty

Every day, millions of people put their lives on the line in order to do their civic duties. One of the professions that are an example of this case is the policemen, who leave their houses in the morning, bidding goodbye to their family not knowing that this might be their last day.

This is what happened with Hall County, Georgia Deputy Nicolas Blane Dixon when he got killed in the line of duty.

Loving Father

Dixon was fatally shot when he tried to stop a stolen car on July 8 according to a news report on WSB. There were four suspects including the one who pulled the trigger who is now in custody.

He left behind 2 sons, Caden a fourth-grader and a 4-month-old colt.

Hall County, Georgia Police spokesperson Derreck Booth stated that the deputies in Dixon’s Patrol Watch were a very tight-knit group.

“Since the tragedy last month, members of the watch and other deputies, particularly Sgt. Hewell, have been actively involved with serving and comforting Dixon’s family,”

Special Escort

In the morning of the first day of school where Caden is now a fourth-grader, he didn’t want to go to school because his dad wasn’t there.

So on Wednesday morning, more than a dozen of his dad’s colleagues arrived at Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy in Gainesville and escorted Caden to class.

“He was having a rough morning because he didn’t want to go to school without his dad being there,” Sgt. Charles Hewell said in a statement. “Seeing his reaction when he saw us made everything worth it.”

Hall County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook Page posted the heartwarming photos, see the smile on the little boy in the photos below.

Such a lovely community, right? One comment even said that this deserves to be on the front page news.

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