Kids Melt Hearts after Buying Surprise Gift for Mom at Ukay Ukay Shop

Most of us do not really expect to receive gifts from our young children, mostly because they are still too young to think about older people’s special occasions and they don’t usually have money to buy any gift, anyway.

But two kids recently went viral for buying a surprise gift for mom at an ukay ukay shop. The two boys earned praise from netizens who commended them for their sweet action for the woman’s birthday surprise.

Shop owner Sarah Alexandrea Daculap was waiting for customers at her ukay ukay shop when she noticed two boys get inside. She did not mind them at first but she was puzzled to see them browse through the blouses and dresses on display at the ladies’ section.

It was still early in the morning, but Sarah admits she was curious about what the boys are up to as they picked a blouse. Perhaps they are planning to prank someone?

But Sarah was soon impressed to learn that the boys are there to buy a present for mom!

Nakakatuwa yong umaga ko! Habang nag-aantay ng customer may dalawang batang lalaki na pumasok sa store nmin, tapos napansin ko sa mga damit pambabae sila pumipili, so nagtaka ako,” Sarah wrote in a post on Facebook.

After pointing out to the boys that they are actually in the ladies’ section, the boys happily announced that it is for their mom!

Para po sa mama namin! Birthday nya po kasi ngayon,” one of the boys explained.

Touched by the boys’ sweet gesture for their mom, Sarah snapped a photo with them holding out the blouse. She posted about it on Facebook and it would quickly go viral.

Nakakatuwa! Napaka sweet na mga anak,” she added.

Later on, birthday celebrator Meilyn Caca reposted Sarah’s snapshots, happily thanking her for the help and saying that she’s really proud of the boys. She clarified that one is her son “Satsat” and the other is her nephew “Jayjay”, but said that both are really sweet kids. That’s pretty obvious, of course…

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