Kung Fu master becomes ‘dragon’ goes Viral, Netizens argue over his Ttrick

The resulting solution is basic because of the dissolved hydroxide. … Early in the reaction, the potassium metal becomes so hot that it catches fire and burns with a characteristic pale lilac color,” one netizen explained.

Not impressed. Breathe fire without anything in your mouth….then maybe. And yea, what kind of dragon has to fan his ear before breathing fire? Its just a circus trick and nothing more. And it has zero to do with being a kung fu master. Silly people,” another observed.

A small bit of glowing charcoal discreetly introduced into the sawdust could do the trick, along with 6 years of sleight of hands practice,” another added.


Spoilsports! He’s a dragon. Stfu,” one fan countered. LOL.

Check out this funny video:

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