Lovable Dog Dresses Up to go with his Human to School

Nowadays, people are so focused on themselves that they forgot to be compassionate with others especially, animals. Many people nowadays think highly of themselves that they give no value to animals. In fact, animal abuse is so rampant to this day that different organizations are built to save them.

And people who abuse animals miss a part of their lives as they can’t experience the love animals give to their humans i.e dog.

A sweet dog patiently waits for his human to go to school

Selfie Muna Bago facebook page shared a post where a dog wants to go with his human to school. It can be seen in the post that the dog patiently sits in the corner waiting for his human. However, what got the attention of netizens was the dog’s get up.

Eager to go with her human, dresses up first

In her (dog) eagerness to go with her human, she wakes up early, takes a bath, and even dresses up herself. This is to make sure that she’s all ready when her human was done preparing for school.

However, as ready as she is, her human still left her at home because she (dog) is not allowed in their school. It clearly shows in the picture that she was sad about it.

However, Facebook netizens did not fail to console the sweet dog.

They tell her funny reasons and suggestions for her to be able to go to school with her human next time.

A compassionate child

Many netizens also feel joyous towards the love of the boy for his dog. His love clearly shows as he happily kisses the dog goodbye before going to school.

Source Photos /Rocksheyan Ramos

One netizen thank the family for teaching the boy how to love and care for dogs/animals. Said that the boy will grow as a passionate man who could care and love the people around him.

Sorry hindi ka pwede sumama kay Kuya sa school kahit nakabihis ka pa. ? #Sweet ❤️ #NaunaMagising #NaunaMagbihis #PeroDiKasama ? Rocksheyan Ramos – Please like -> Kbryan f.

Posted by Selfie Muna Bago on Wednesday, 6 February 2019

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