Loyal Dog waited at the same spot for 4 Years before getting found

Loyal Dog

Dogs are the most loyal creatures there are. In fact, dogs are the only pets you can have that will love you more than their lives. It’s no wonder a lot of pet owners really treat dogs like family. One you would do anything for.

A photo of a loyal dog who has been missing for 4 years recently became viral after a Facebook user uploaded photos of it. He told of how he sees the dog on the same spot every day, right at an intersection in the Thai city of Khon Kaen. At first, he thought the dog was abandoned but he realized that the dog looked fed and nourished so he asked around about it.

Dog New owner

It turned out that a 45-year-old woman has been feeding the dog for two years already. This is after she took the dog in after finding it on the same spot. However, after some time, the woman woke up to the dog missing.

She looked for him and finally found him on the same spot where she first found him in the first place. She decided not to take him home anymore and just made an effort to bring food and water to him to keep him fed.

Loyal Dog Old owner

On the other hand, because of the viral social media post, a 64-year-old woman from Thailand’s Roi Et Province was delighted when her daughter showed her the photos. It turned out that BonBon, her beloved dog whom they lost on a road trip last February 16, 2015. They went back for a week after that attempting to find their dog but to no avail.

It’s really tearjerking that the loyal dog stayed where he got lost for 4 years, waiting for his original owner to come back for him. In the end, the old owner decided not to take BonBon away from the new owner but promised to drive by from time to time to visit him.

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