Man Saved Two Friends Who Were Swept By Big Surfer Waves

A surfing vacation almost turned to tragedy when a man was engulfed by giant waves while surfing in Portugal. A friend who tried to help him also succumbed to the big waves. Luckily, another friend risked his life and rescued the two surfers and brought them back to safety.

No one can argue the joy of surfing. The feel of wind blowing through your hair, water spraying on your face, and the joy of conquering those waves, there is no feeling that would come close. Surfing is considered the most adrenaline based sport of all time.

In a video shared by Sharing is Caring on their Facebook page, a man named Pedro Vianna can be seen surfing in Portugal, suddenly a giant wave engulfed him, and he lost control and was trapped in the middle of the ocean amid the strong waves.

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A friend, Lucas Chiancca, tried to rescue him using a water scooter, but as they were escaping the waves, they were engulfed by another giant wave, and they were both thrown out of the water as their water scooter flipped.

Risking His Life For His Surfer Buddies

Everaldo Teixeira saw his two friends helpless amid the powerful waves, so he wasted no time and sped to rescue his friends. He was able to rescue them one at a time and put them back to safety.

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Special Bond

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Surfers have a special bond between them. While the rescue video involved friends, surfers would not hesitate to help another surfer, even though they are strangers. The surfing community is like one big happy family, and the ocean is the glue that keeps them together.

Here’s the full video:

Surfer in trouble

Pedro Vianna was out surfing in Portugal when the unthinkable happened ?

Posted by Sharing is Caring on Sunday, 17 December 2017

Source: Facebook

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