Manila Bay is back to its glory days and everyone is loving it

Years or even days ago, what comes into your mind when someone talks about Manila Bay? Right! Garbage and pollution.

Manila Bay is located in the heart of the country and is the closest ocean in the city. It plays an important role in commerce and industry even years ago.

It also a popular destination for walks and known for its beautiful sunset.

However, things have changed when it became polluted as the years pass by.

For many years, Manila Bay is one of the dirtiest bays in the country and also around the world.

Garbages (plastics, spoiled food, decaying materials with stinking odors, etc.) are visible in the area.

The place is so polluted that it affects the environment and unsafe for human’s health.

But just days ago, Manila Bay has undergone a massive rehabilitation.

A clean-up drive was done to save Manila Bay. It was participated by different government workers, non-government officials, and estimated 5000 volunteers.

Now, Manila Bay is back to its glory days.

A lot of Filipinos (and foreigners) feels excited about the development of Manila Bay. They can now stay and relax in the area, enjoy, and watch the beautiful sunset without the stinking smell of the garbage.

And Filipinos are not the only ones who are loving the new Manila Bay, so are the birds.

Manila Bay has been a habitat of thousands of birds ever since history and now they’re back! Different species of migratory birds are now visiting the clean Manila Bay.

However, as clean as it looks, the Department Of Health warns the public that it is still not safe for swimming.

“We advise them to wait until water tests can show that it is safe for swimming,” Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo said.

“Laboratory tests will show the level of coliform in the water and it [will] tell us if it is within acceptable levels,” he added.

photo courtesy by Lost Juan

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